On-site estate sales are a great solution if you live in a private home and do not have any community restrictions with having a sale in your premises, but still need liquidation. Simply put, an on-site estate sale happens at the actual estate, in the person’s home.

There are several reasons that people have an estate sale: divorce, downsizing, debt or death. These monumental life changes not only bring on emotional challenges they can also bring on logistical challenges.

Perhaps you are a trustee, executor, or the administrator of an estate and need to empty the home to get it market ready. One major advantage to an onsite estate sale is that it eliminates the need for packing and moving the contents to another location for an off-site sale. The onsite sale takes place over a period of a few days and you receive a percentage of the sales.

Tattoo Mark’s Estate Sales has handled 1500+ onsite estate sales since 1986.  Mark takes care of all aspects of the sale including sorting, display and merchandising, pricing, marketing the event, and taking an inventory of all the contents. Mark is a specialist when it comes to determining the value of your household contents. For bigger ticket items and unique items, we work with the best auction houses to ensure your collectibles find the perfect home. After the sale we will make arrangements for a donation center to remove unsold items.

We work hard to make your estate sale a success. If you need a liquidator, our ultimate goal is to have a happy client and we will treat you with honesty, integrity and professionalism.